Welcome to Wonderland…

December 2, 2009

So this would be a poem written by a fellow fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I think it is interesting to see how other people view Wonderland and how the story of Alice can be told through drawings or like such as a poem:

Title: “Welcome to Wonderland…”

Author: HannahDoesntKnow

Come join her world.
Wonderland is what she named it.
Doesn’t it sound dreamy?

Follow the talking white rabbit,
that’s it, down the hole to the right.
Sinister characters may be lurking,
but we dont fear in Wonderland!
Whats that? You’re feeling small?
What on Earth do you mean, silly girl!? You’re a hundred feet tall!
Poison could not have smelled so sweet,
But everything is backwards in Wonderland!
Oh Wait,
We’re late!!!
For a very important date.
Today is my very happy unbirthday.
Craziness in Wonderland… are you losing yourself yet?
A word of advice, you may want to hold on to your head,
And know your emergency exits at all times,
Good advice, when a Queen of Hearts wants you dead.
Is that a hint of fear, my dear?
Maybe Wonderland isn’t just jam tarts and tea parties after all.
Time to go back to reality?
Ha ha ha. Only if you know your way out.
Welcome to Wonderland

In this line of the author’s poem:

Sinister characters may be lurking,
but we dont fear in Wonderland!

I think the phrase, “sinister characters” is inappropriate for Wonderland. People assume Wonderland is simply Alice exploring a mad world. The characters are portrayed as crazy, odd and as said in the story, mad. Do you believe the characters are sinister? Why do you believe everyone portrays the characters as crazy?

Another thing that sparked my curiosity was the author’s view that Wonderland is a trap. She talks about being unable to get out and to “know your emergency exits at all times.” What if Alice was a child with no curiosity at all? If she simply fell down the rabbit hole, who knows what would have happened. Did Alice get trapped in Wonderland? Her curiosity sure never stopped as she ventured farther into Wonderland.

What do believe would have been the outcome if the whole story really wasn’t a dream? Do you believe Alice had control over the situation or would she have gone mad?

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