November 30, 2009

If the Alice in the story is anything like the Alice that really existed, then Alice was a child of a wealthy English family. Alice is a confident and adventurous girl. Her need to explore allows her to venture through Wonderland though constantly questioning everything about Wonderland. In the beginning of the book Alice has trouble converting from her logical world to this precarious and illogical world. Alice came into this world with a strong belief of her education and the behavior of good manners. This is supported by all the scenes where Alice tells a character that what it is doing is rude. It is also supported by the scene where Alice has a debate with the turtle about who had the better form of education. Alice’s traditional customs are close to useless in this new environment since the two worlds are completely different. Alice continuously questions her surroundings because she is so unfamiliar with them. Near the end of the story Alice questions her surroundings less and less. I believe this is because her she is becoming more and more accustomed to her surroundings. As the story comes closer to the end Alice slowly loses her sense of manners. She is constantly correcting and interrupting those around her. This is because she is starting to act like those around her and she does not have someone of higher authority to impede her decline of manners. Throughout Her journey through Wonderland Alice is constantly questioning her identity. For example when the caterpillar ask her “who are you” Alice in not capable to answer. Many readers ask themselves or others why this is. I believe it is because her surroundings is so unfamiliar to the point where she questions who herself is. Alice must choose between living the life as she was raised to live or living her life Wonderland has encouraged her to live.  Her journey through Wonderland has forced her to grow as an individual. She experiences emotions such as fear, excitement, and courage. Specific actions force Alice to step up and mature to her highest levels. An example of this is when Alice questioned the power of the Queen by talking to her in an ill fashioned tone in chapter nine. Though she was still afraid of her to a certain degree she still stood up to her. Alice’s journey through Wonderland helped her identify and mature herself as an individual.


  1. Alice is changing because of the effects Wonderland has on her. She becomes rude herself when she constantly interrupts people when they are in conversation. She loses her identity when she continues to linger in Wonderland. Although Alice wakes up, and converts to her reality self. I believe, just like you, that as Alice continues to go through Wonderland she changes her character all throughout. Nice blog, Edward.

  2. I totally agree with you Eddie, and you too Scott. When you put both, the real and imaginary Alice, side-by-side, they are pretty much alike. Carroll probably intended for imaginary Alice to be just like real Alice, so he could make the story seem like real Alice had actually experienced it in her dreams. And knowing from the annotations about Alice Liddell, and seeing imaginary Alice’s personality, one could figure they are one in the same.

    I would also like to add one thing. You tell that Alice started out with good morals and all such. But when she entered Wonderland, all her beliefs were turned upside-down, which caused her to start thinking differently. I wonder what would happen to us, if we were to enter in a Wonderland?

  3. Agreed Edward. I also talked about the comparisons between the real Alice and our Alice in Wonderland in my blog “The Real Alice”. Feel free to go check it out. But yes I believe that both the Alice in the book and Alice Liddell are pretty much the same person. To make her like the story more, Lewis Carrol probably added characteristics of the real Alice so it would appeal to her now. You could probably figure out exactly what kind of girl Alice Liddell was just by reading this story. Nice, polite, probably of the upper class. Very privileged but she isn’t snobby. All this you can tell just from the story.

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