The whole package

December 3, 2009


A little over 6 weeks ago we were told that a HUGE project is coming up. My number one emotion toward this was WOOOW.

I knew this project was so much more than a classroom project. We were told many people from the outside world would be tracking our progress. I was definitely scared and still a little bit scared but very excited. This is my first project like this which makes it very unique.

Progress review:

As week by week passed I was having a hard time thinking up blogs. I had no problems with comments but I knew I need a minimum of 12 blogs. I decided to get all my comments out of the way. Then I started on Blogs.

Like many other people my first blog was talking about Lewis and his background. It was an easy blog despite the research. As I continued doing my blogs I was running out of historical blogs therefore I was being forced to do analytical blogs. I started off with a rough patch but once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing. Thanksgiving break started and I had either one or two blogs in. I was at a panic but then I developed a system. I told myself I would to at least two blogs a day.

As Thanksgiving break progressed I kinda kept my promise. Anyways by the end of Thanksgiving break I wrote about 10 blogs. When Thanksgiving break was over there were only 3 days left before the project was due. I was at a stable position and I didn’t have to panic which was a good thing. The second and third last days I spent commenting on each team’s blogs to make sure I had at least comments per team.

And on the last day I pulled an all nighter to think up as many possible ideas I could turn into Blogs. In 8 and half hours I was able to complete 7 blogs that I have a lot of confidence in.

And now I wait till later today to unite with my team to fine tune our voice thread and cover it live blogs. By 5 pm central time I should have at least 19 blogs and will have written over 25 comments.


I really liked this project.

Like I said earlier this project is not like any other project I have ever done.

One thing that really stands out about this project is that we the students have to think for ourselves. This project gave me a taste of the real world in the sense of deadlines, quality, and what one’s customers look for. In this case the deadline was very reasonable. I didn’t feel like I was pressured by time because I spaced all my work out. The only reason I’m still up at 5:00 am is because I want to make as many beneficial modification as I can before the due time is up.

Another good thing about this project is the grade’s communication. We as a class discover things. We alter each other’s perspectives in a friendly environment. I really like the idea of switching editors every week because it gave everyone a chance to step up and take control of their team. In a way I liked the fact that people from around the world will be seeing this but that also means that we have to push ourselves to a limit we have never been to. The fact that people around the world are going to be reading, watching, and hearing about our work really puts pressure on us as student but it also puts in a very high level of motivation. Especially since one third of are grade is decided by y’all.

The grading system for this project is also kinda intimidating to me because it challenges our group to work together, which will give us our group grade, our individual grade, and what the outside world thinks of our work, which will be our third grade. A huge thing that scares me is the amount this project’s grade is worth. Of course we have vocabulary quizzes, one essay and a LOTF project but this is 3 major grades. Therefore this project is at least half of our quarter grade.

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  1. Great reflections! Thank you for taking the time to do them!

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