A Look Back on Alice’s Experience in Wonderland

December 3, 2009

Nowhere else could the characters fit so well in a place other than Wonderland. Alice’s experience in Wonderland was quite a journey but a meaningful one. It signified growing up, learning lessons and keeping her head in difficult and frustrating situations.

Alice also experiences challenges in Wonderland. Being nice isn’t so simple when the characters are making no sense. Alice was a smart girl though. She made something of herself in Wonderland and never backed down from anything. She survived the Duchess, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat and more importantly the Queen. The Queen was a harsh character and Alice had a lot of guts to stand up to her. Alice was willing to fight for herself and others. Although the characters of Wonderland were intimidating, Alice handles herself quite well in Wonderland. In Wonderland, Alice kept her head which is hard to do. Surroundings influence people a lot and in a place as eccentric as Wonderland Alice could have gone crazy.

Everyone is mad in Wonderland. At any point did you think Alice was becoming or was mad?


  1. I don’t think that Alice ever became mad, or was going in that direction. I feel that when she first arrived in Wonderland she was so lost and confused by the madness around her, that she herself may have thought she was going mad. But that is expected for anyone when put in a situation like that. She had to realize that she was not the one that was mad but (almost) everyone around her were the ones that were mad. Once she realized that, she was able to stay cool and maintain her composer, but also know to expect the unexpected at any given moment.

  2. I would not say Alice kept her head in Wonderland. At the very beginning, she cried and almost drowned herself. All the characters did annoy her, but she was not as level headed as you are making her out to be. She got into several arguments with multiple characters. Is this a bad thing? No, she learned to standby her opinions and this is a part of life. How many arguments have you gotten into? Probably a lot. Was she relatively calm? Yes, she did not completely break down, but she is mad. She imagined all these irrational characters; therefore she must also be irrational.

  3. Alice never became mad, in my opinion. That is why she always stood out like a sore thumb. Alice gradually gets used to the madness, but never becomes mad. This is also why it was imperative to maintain the essence of the story that Alice somehow escape Wonderland. She didn’t fit in and she never would.

    I also don’t think that any of the other characters fit in, but they fit together. They were all misfits, however they were misfits together. It is like the island of misfit toys in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

  4. I really like this blog. I agree that the characters of Wonderland would not fit in any other place.I don’t think Alice was or becoming mad at any point. Like you said she kept her head on even though her surroundings were very essentric. I agree that she made something of herself in Wonderland. I think standing up for herself and never backing down influenced her to be the Alice she was at the end. Which is good, because she could have ended up being mad, if she wasn’t careful.

  5. I agree, Alice did always keep her head up and try and be as nice as she could. Also, in such a strange twisted world she never really went insane. Although at the beginning she was giving up when she started crying. But, she did make it past that and get through wonderland. It would have been so easy to give in, especially during the tea party. I think that is where I would have gone crazy. Alice was a very strong girl though all of this. I think because she never went crazy everything happened so perfectly.

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