What Now?

December 3, 2009

The story end with Alice telling her sister about her adventures through Wonderland and her sister also experiencing the adventure for herself. The reaction of these two girls after experiencing the dream is very different. Why do you suppose this is? My theory is because they are of different age and maturity level. Alice obviously remembers the dream because she told it to her sister but what she does with the dream is the important part. Will she take the experience, courage, and maturity level she gained from this and use it to thrive in life?

There have been certain dreams that I had in which I remember pretty clearly. Certain scenes of my dreams make me question what my mind is thinking unconsciously. After that dream I spend a while thinking about it. Wouldn’t Alice do the same with her radical dream? Was this dream just going to be forgotten by her or did it stick with her for the rest of her life? What was Carroll point in telling her this story? In real life Alice really liked the story or else she wouldn’t have asked Carroll to write all down. This probably meant she pondered about the story. How did this story affect Alice’s real life?

What about her sister? This is the last question that lingered in front of me when I finished this book. If this experience was so massive for Alice why was it not so important for her sister? I wonder why Carroll leaves us in the dark about Alice’s sister’s adventures and encounters of the creatures of Wonderland. One of my theories is to not distract from the main focus of Alice’s adventure through Wonderland. Maybe this dream didn’t seem so important to her sister because it was so unrealistic to her to the point where she believed it was not prominent enough to spend time pondering over it.

What are your views of what Alice did with this dream? If this dream happened to you what would you do with this dream? What are your views of Alice’s sister’s reaction to the dream?

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