The Enlightenment

December 3, 2009

The Enlightenment was a time period when philosophers questioned what they were taught. This idea was born in the 18th century. Philosophes went was far as questioning what the church and Socrates taught for years. The result of the Enlightenment academically was the birth to new concepts to approach the world of studies. Many discoveries were found my English philosophers.

Lewis Carroll was born in January 1832. This was only a century after the Enlightenment began. New ideas and concepts were coming out rapidly. It took me a little while to realize that the book had so many references toward the Enlightenment but one I saw this I was bombarded by clues that lead me to believe certain scenes represented discoveries found by philosophes during the Enlightenment.

One of the discovers I found was in chapter one. When Alice was falling down the rabbit whole she expresses the law of inertia proposed Newton. His law states that the marmalade that Alice took out of the self would stay right in front of her if she let go. This law was not completely experimented in the book because Alice put the marmalade back on the self due to her fear that the marmalade would someone.

One of the methods of thinking during this time period was process of elimination. This was used in chapter two when Alice was trying to figure out who she was. Alice separates herself from anyone she knows but seeing what characteristics she does not share with the people around her. The process of elimination was not a new concept but it was widely popularized during this time period.

Such scenes in this story support my theory that Carroll made quite a few references toward the general academic revolution. This blog was majorly influenced by Brendon L. when he informed me of there being references to the enlightenment. If you believe that there are other scenes that you believe are referencing the Enlightenment please comment below.

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