Which Are You Looking Forward to More?

December 2, 2009

Two new video versions of Alice in Wonderland are coming out soon:

  • One of them is Syfy’s Alice miniseries premiering Dec. 6th.
  • The other is Disney’s new Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton, premiering March 5th 2010.

If you haven’t heard of either of these , here are the links to their websites:




  1. I am looking forward to the Disney and Tim Burton version. But I am excited to see both of them! To me it seems like the one on Syfy is more of a modern version of the original story. Whereas the Tim Burton movie has followed the story and better and created a “what happened after that” story. I’m sure we all want to know what happens next! I am very excited to see them and compare!

  2. The impression I got from the Disney trailer is that the Hatter will become a much more important character. I agree that Syfy’s Alice will probably not follow the original story, and it absolutely looks like it has been modernized. I guess we will just have to watch them to find out!

  3. I voted for both of them. I find these two both very interesting. It seems like they will be a lot different from the book, and the cartoon movie. I think that the SyFy’s Alice will be based off the book but not really follow what happens. When I watched the trailer for it, it doesn’t really seem like the book or look like it will follow it. It seems like a whole new story. Well maybe it’s the same story but a whole new Modern Twist.

    Next, I think the upcoming movie in 2010 looks really good. I’m so excited to go see it. I think that it will follow the book more, but in Burton’s own way. The characters seems creepy, and wonderland looks dark. It doesn’t look like I imagined it, but I could be wrong. So, we’ll see!

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