Get Lost in the Game of Wonderland.

December 3, 2009

Was Wonderland one big game? As students, we have analyzed every single part of Alice and have really come to no conclusion about anything. Everything in this blog is pure opinion and with our analysis of the book, are we really getting anywhere?

Throughout Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland we have stated several times Carroll did not purposely put a lot of thought into the story. Although it is a very good story and has become one of the most well known children’s stories read by many, is that all it is? People say such a strange story has to have hidden meanings and they have to analyze it but is there any truthfulness in that? In the end it is all pure opinion.

One of the most famous riddles in the story is, “Why is a raven like a table?”

Now how many people have tried to come up with an answer to that question? A lot but Carroll intended for it to be left unanswered. Why do people care so much about one little riddle? If you go and search Google with that question, hundreds and thousands of responses will come up but none of those so called answers were written by Carroll. If Carroll wanted it to have an answer he probably would have written it down in the story.

As we examine Alice we are simply playing the game of Wonderland. Wonderland is a world of the impossible. I just don’t understand why so many others analyze such a simple minded story. In my opinion, there is nothing to analyze in depth. All we as students have to offer, along with all those other scholars and readers of Alice, are opinions.

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