What Do You Think?

December 3, 2009

Alice’s Adventure through Wonderland is a book full of potential. Its entertains people of all age groups. But was there a specific age group Carroll intended to entertain when he published his work?

Most people who read the book know that Carroll wrote this book for Alice a little girl. But why put so much symbolism in a book for a little child when the child won’t even understand the symbolism? Maybe the book was written both for Alice’s entertainment and Carroll’s diary to express his feelings about the world around him through Wonderland. Do you believe that when Carroll published this book he thought it would become so huge? Carroll’s primary objective to make Alice smile, but did he have other intention in mind?

This book is loaded with so much symbolism, hidden meanings, and other content that no child would be able to comprehend. Was this Carroll’s way of giving a news flash to all those around who read the book? What is your belief about Carroll’s intentions for publishing the story? Do you think that it was for adults or for children? I personally believe it was for adults because of its content. I believe kids love it because of what Disney did to it and its something bizarre and different than all the other children stories out there.

What made this story so special to the point it sold millions? I believe it was such a successful story because it was both historical and the kids loved it. Do you believe that Carroll’s views of his society were effectively spread throughout his readers mind’s? I believe so because even though it takes a while to decipher the meanings it sticks to the readers mind once he or she reveals what the scene represented in real life.

What is your take on this blog? Do you agree or disagree with my theories?


  1. For your first question my answer is I believe that every person is different. I believe that we would love the book just as much when reading it at age 7 and age 30 but for different reasons.

    Is Aiw really for kids at all is a question debated by many. I believe that Carroll had multiple reasons for writing the book. I also believe that his original intention was just for children but as he was asked to publish his book he wanted to send a message to his adult readers about his thoughts on the world he lived in. He also created a perfect story for children. He created a perfect story for children and adults all over the world. So I guess the general answer to your question is, I believe that Carroll wrote this book for people of all ages.

  2. Edward…you mention that kids often love AiW because their first taste of it is from Disney, or from some other form of media–in which the bizarre content is somewhat tamed for general consumption. Do you think that, if we actually read AiW as kids — say, as 7 or 8 year olds, we would love it just as much?

    I guess what I’m asking is…is AiW really for kids at all?

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