Student Name: Amber W.

Bio: Amber is a hardworking student who aspires to become a lawyer someday. Being very competitive, Amber sets high goals for herself and is always working to the best of her ability. Throughout the duration of this project, Amber is hoping to accomplish a well thought out, put together blog with the help of her already known to be great team.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project: Of course, seeing the movie about one thousand times when she was younger, Amber is familiar with the children’s storyline of the famous novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She is enthusiastically looking forward to seeing where, along with Alice, her adventures in Wonderland is going to take her.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: Amber believes this will be an incredible adventure. Coming into the story with little knowledge allows her to experience the story in its entirety and gives her a chance with Alice, to explore all that Wonderland has to offer. Along with her teammates, Amber hopes to unravel every detail in this American classic. She hopes this project will allow her to expand and grow as a thinker, team member and as an English student and writer.


Student Name: Edward C.

Bio: Edward attends a private school in Texas. English is his second language due to the fact that he lived in Taiwan for the first few years of his life. While caring for his family and friends he also enjoys playing soccer, football, and watching movies. Besides his hobbies he also takes his academics very seriously and tries his best at everything he does. He is very enthusiastic and eager to explore new things in different environments.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project: His knowledge of the novel consists of very little. The only experience that he has of the story is the brief summary and trailer of the tale his instructor showed him.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: Despite the lack of knowledge, Edward is very eager to read and analyze the text of the tale. This project is very different than anything he has ever done but he believes with the help of his group they will discover hidden meanings along with so much more than what meets the eye.


Student Name: Susan C.

Bio: Susie was born on the third rock from the sun in the month of December. She is a very energetic and optimistic person who loves animals, especially dogs. She has three dogs: two Great Danes, Cinder and Ella, and a Basenji mix, Patches. Her hobbies included photography, reading, and doing puzzles. Her favorite color is blue, and she loves oldies’ music, especially Herman’s Hermits and ABBA.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project: Susie has seen the Disney animated movie and has heard or seen many references to Alice, but has never actually read the novel or its sequel.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: Susie thinks that this is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the real world. She is both grateful for and apprehensive of the openness of the deadline. She is looking forward to working with her team to discover Alice and create a wonderful and thought-provoking blog.


Student Name: Kathy B.

Bio: Kathy was born on a bright summer day.She is currently a student at private college preparatory school, in which her favorite subjects are English, French, and History. When she is not busy being a student, she enjoys playing sports, writing, playing guitar, and traveling. She has a tiny toy maltese, and is an avid dog-lover. Her favorite book genres are crime, mystery, and fantasy. Her favorite TV shows are Gilmore Girls, Smallville, and Grey’s Anatomy. She loves music, and her favorite genres are country and rock. Her aspirations are to study abroad in France to become a proficient French speaker, and graduate college with degrees in journalism and/or psychology.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project: Kathy has little to no previous knowledge of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, other than in a general sense, however she is very excited to become more familiar with the nuances of the classic story. She remembers being afraid of the story as a small child, and is very curious as to why, which is something that she hopes to gain from reading and analyzing the story in this project.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: Kathy is looking forward to delving into this project. She is excited about having the ability to put her name and writing out in the real world, and have fellow students as well as other people read and comment on her work. She considers it to be a challenge, for this project is much different and much more ‘real’ than anything she has previously done in school, however it is a challenge that she is gladly willing to accept. She is very interested to see where this project takes her and her group members. She expects her team’s final product to be a very creative and intellectual piece of work that will stand with many college or professional projects of similar nature. She hopes it will be noteworthy enough to receive some praise and attention not only from her peers, but from people from all across the nation and the world who happen to stumble across the project.

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