Individual students will:

  • Keep up with the reading schedule in support of individual / team progress
  • Contribute an average of 3 separate written blog entries a week over the duration of 4 weeks (total: 12 blog entries minimum)
  • Create blog entries that will demonstrate unique ideas, connections, prompts, questions, etc.
  • Provide thoughtful, well-written reactions that will invite others to leave comments (or even inspire blog entries of their own)
  • Comment an average of 5 times per week on other student-group blogs, other than their own, over the duration of 4 weeks (total: 20 comments minimum)
  • Contribute at least 1 comment on each of the other 15 student-group blogs during the 4 week project
  • Support his/her team ‘editor’ (a role that rotates every week)
  • Use and reference the Internet appropriately — including the content / value of all entries, links, comments, and behind-the-scenes administration of the web site itself
  • Sign up for relevant web collaboration tool accounts (when necessary)
  • Protect, maintain and keep charged-up all classroom laptops

‘Editors’ will:

  • Maintain the team’s blog during the length of one week
  • Support individual requests re: the publication of their entries, the validity of their content, and any wishes they have re: the actual web site itself
  • Collaborate with Mr. Long re: the publication of all links and comments
  • Encourage team members to maintain regular participation
  • Keep an accurate team Google Docs record (i.e a spreadsheet) of all team members’ contributions to-date

Teams will:

  • Successfully create a blog that demonstrates insight and analysis re: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Create a unique ‘name’ and ‘look’ for the blog by the end of the project (without it becoming a distraction in terms of the quality / analysis of content that is published)
  • Use at least 2 of the web collaboration tools (beyond the blog and Google Docs) to demonstrate a unique way to share knowledge / discoveries
  • Use class time and the laptops in an appropriate manner at all times
  • Present to the class on 2 occasions what has been ‘learned’ and what has been ‘created’: 1) sometime during the process and 2) on the final submission day

Mr. Long will:

  • Create a working web site for all student-groups
  • Create a manageable reading calendar
  • Create a classroom / work environment that will allow students to successfully work as teams and complete the overall project
  • Provide behind-the-scenes technology support (and advice)
  • Carefully review all written submissions and suggested links before they are formally published
  • Share the student-groups’ work / projects with professional educators and related colleagues

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