1862 Alice’s adventures in Wonderland vs. 2010 Alice’s adventures in Wonderland

December 3, 2009

Alice in Wonderland was written in 1864 by Lewis Carroll. In 1682 the story was first told to 3 young girls, one of which was Alice herself, on a on a rowing trip on July 4th. Alice loved the story so much that she asked Carroll write it down. Therefore two years later Carroll presented the first written form of the story to Alice. Back then it was called Alice’s adventures underground. The title was revised, along with much of its content, and published 1865.

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to see a replica of the original copy but it would be so cool if I could compare the original with the revised one. I wonder what Carroll added and took out.  There have been many websites, books, and other sources that comment on the context of the book. There are many assumptions on what certain scenes represent, certain characters represent and certain objects represent but the truth is only Carroll himself truly knew what everything really represented if they even represented something. This information was restructured from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/When_was_Alice_in_Wonderland_written&alreadyAsked=1&rtitle=When_was_alice_in_wonderland_witten

As most people know there is a new movie of this story coming out. The crew consist of Tim Burton as director, Jonny Depp as the Hatter,  Mia Wasikowska as Alice, and so on. In this new movie that will come out in 2010 Alice is a 19 year old girl who goes back to Wonderland to rediscover the magical place. Just by knowing there is an age difference between the Alices what do you think might be different in the plot? What age group do you think will go see this movie the most? Why? To find out more about the crew visit this website. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1014759/synopsis

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  1. If my information is correct (It may very well not be; the population at IMDB is full of slippery individuals), I think that Tim Burton’s Alice isn’t quite a direct ‘adaptation’ of the original, but a tale of Alice returning many years after her initial visit (In other words, it doesn’t reinterpret the events of the first book and its continuation). If that’s the case, there will definitely be major differences between the book and the film (As, well, it’ll essentially be a sequel).

    I think the movie will draw in a decidely older crowd than Disney’s original; it’s a Tim Burton film, after all, and he’s notorious for his twisted visual flavor. Fans of his work will flock to the theaters in droves, as will the ‘older’ Carroll fans (Except for those who might feel that he’s disgracing the original or something; there’s always a healthy amount of those sorts of people when an adaptation is released). I suspect that the film will be polarizing amongst young audience; some kids will dig it, some will be scared out of their minds.

    I look forward to viewing it myself; and great post, I should add.

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