Why so serious?

November 27, 2009

I find the Queen of hearts most interesting. Anyone who read the book would probably quickly agree with me that the queen is not someone you want to hang out with. Like the Duchess’s favorite word is moral the queens favorite phrase is “off with his/her head”. In a brief summary the Queen intimidates most characters in the story and is very cruel. In chapter 8 Alice is first introduced to the queen. Her encounter with the queen is not a pleasant one. The chapter starts off with Alice meeting 3 characters that are in the shape of playing cards. The 3 cards are spades, which represent gardeners. When Alice met the cards she realized that they were in a hurry to paint the whit rose red before the queen finds out that the rose is white. As some time passes the queen comes accompanied by living playing cards. The clubs are soldiers and the diamonds are courtiers. Finally the hearts are the royal children. The queen tries to intimidate her by using a harsh tone when asking her question but her objective was futile. When she realizes her actions were futile she orders the decapitation of Alice. But her orders are stopped by the calming down of the queen by the King. But the cruelty is not over. When the queen discovers the gardener’s actions she orders the decapitation of them. Alice saves them from being decapitated and goes off playing croquet with the queen. There she finds out from the white rabbit that the duchess is sentenced under execution. She continues playing croquet. The conditions of croquet are different than those that we consider normal the ground is rigid, the ball are live hedgehogs, and the mallets are flamingos. Alice tries to slip away from the matches. She then starts to talk to the Cheshire cat. When the King discovers this action he suggests to the queen for the queen to order the execution of the Cheshire cat but they have trouble with this because the cat has no body. They then go to find the duchess for advice because the cat belongs to the duchess. By the time the duchess gets to the court the cat has vanished

Now that you have the summary of chapter 8 what do you think about it?

Are there any messages that you believe is hidden in this chapter? Or is there anything interesting that you discovered in this chapter?

I would like to point out that from chapter one Alice was trying to get to the garden. I believe that she was expecting a peaceful more stable place when she reached the garden but instead she found more chaos. The garden is artificial. For example the roses are painter instead of naturally pretty. Another thing that I noticed is in our world order of power goes from humans animals then inanimate objects, but in Wonderland Carroll has flipped everything around. The cards, which in our world are the inanimate objects, have the power then the animals are either tools of the queen’s and then theres Alice. Thought the queen tries to bully and frighten Alice, Alice has realized that the queen and her source of power, the other cards and creatures of Wonderland are just animals and cards. Therefore she becomes unafraid of the queen and even goes so far as limiting her power in a way.

Now considering what I just stated do you have any feedback?

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