Life is Just a Game of Cards..

November 23, 2009

During the croquet game between Alice and the Queen, the game obviously is not being played fair. The Queen’s temper and royal status allows her to influence all the creatures involved in the game to her advantage. With her uncooperative flamingo and hedgehog, along with the moving cards that refuse to let her score, Alice knows she has no chance at even becoming close to winning.

Whether this is a new concept or not, it is interesting how Carroll used playing cards as inhabitants throughout this part of Wonderland.

Alice talks about how they do not play fairly and that there do not seem to be any rules in particular and if this is false, nobody attends to the rules. This is very relative to life in general. At many times, people have unfair advantages brought about by things such as money or knowing higher influences. The quote, “Life is fair in the way that it is unfair to everyone” relates so well to this part of Alice’s journey. Amongst the real world there are tons of cheaters, liars and thieves. Being young and naive, Alice may not realize this. Carroll does a nice job of showing these little lessons about life through the game of croquet between Alice and the Queen. Through the croquet game, Alice is shown not everything is fair and people aren’t always so nice no matter how nice she is in return. Life is simply just a game of cards, you never know what it might throw at you.

How much do you think Alice’s journey through Wonderland symbolizes life?

What other parts of the story clarify how Alice is subtly learning about life in the real world through her adventure?


  1. I think that alice’s adventures could be be seen as life or what ever you wnat the story to be. It has elements that do not definantly mean one certain thing. I do not think that there is one specific theme or whatever that the book means, but I think the story could be a collection of lessons. I think that the rabbitt hole could represent Alice’s childhood, or Alice or the other parts of the story could mean whatever you want. THere is not one “answer” to the story, it is just your interpretation.

  2. I never thought about the cards like this, but know that I see this I understand where you are coming from. I think most of Alice’s journey through Wonderland symbolizes life. To me her fall through the rabbit hole symbolizes the beginning of her journey through life and all of the choices she will have to face. Also you should read Edward C.’s blog “Are Children Really So Innocent”. It talks about what dreams symbolize and how some dreams come from your experiences through life.

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