Judgement Day is Every Day

November 18, 2009

Throughout this project, I had a very bad case of writer’s block. Not knowing what to expect my first time reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I found it difficult to analyze the story. I was told to write about anything I found interesting. Yet, when I read the book I saw it simply as a confusing story with no meaning, written only for entertainment. I found this to be untrue though, as I really started looking into this classic story.

One thing I find interesting is Alice’s constant growing and shrinking. At the beginning, her curiosity causes her to fall down the rabbit hole and her curious nature continues throughout the entire story. When she first begins her adventure through Wonderland, she comes across a small bottle with the words, “Drink Me.” This sets the storyline up for her growing and shrinking by showing her trust in eating and drinking a variety of things. The differences in her size throughout the story allows her to continue her journey in Wonderland. However, one quote in the book made me think.

While talking to the Caterpillar, she is asked a series of thought-provoking questions which are difficult for her to answer. Alice is faced with a question that she cannot answer, “Who are you?”, and comments that “being so many different sizes in a day is very confusing.” I believe this is reflecting her journey thus far through Wonderland. Being different sizes allows her to look at things from different perspectives, and shows her how the different creatures throughout Wonderland portray her when she is big opposed to small. Alice is judged in a variety of ways in Wonderland. She is feared, subjected to curiosity, disliked, and found annoying or burdensome, all of which could also be related to the judgments made in the real world. Being so young, Alice could be seeing this for the first time in Wonderland.

One comment

  1. Perhaps the different sizes could also be related to the way adolescents feel? Some days like little kids, some days like adults?

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